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Global Walnut Ltd. which entered the nursery sector in 1990 began to produce open rooted grafted walnut seedlings with the patch budding grafting method on two decares of land. We built our brood gardens with the materials we got from University and research institutes since the first year of the beginning of our production. We continue to produce the certificated grafted walnut seedlings with the graft materials we obtained from our gardens under the supervision of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Today, Global Walnut Ltd. which include the innovations in the sector and newly developed varieties to its production every passing year continues its production on 300 decares of open field. Our biggest goal is to provide for our customers to get the highest quality and yield in the gardens they built with the saplings we produce. In this direction, the production of pedro varieties called cluster walnut, Chandler and its pollinator Franquette, Fernor and its pollinator Fernette which can be planted on cold and high altitude areas proven about the quality and yield was emphasized in recent years.

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